Landlord Gas Safety Certificates: Fees

Our fees for landlord gas safety certificates are as follows:

1 appliance: £70.00 + VAT
2 appliances: £75.00 + VAT
3 appliances: £90.00 + VAT

(This refers to number of appliances in one property.)

Who can join?

Membership of our Agent Buyers’ Club is open to any agent acting on behalf of a landlord. This includes:

  • Letting agents and sales agents
  • Maintenance and management companies
  • Solicitors and other professional service companies

Membership is automatically activated once we receive an average of four requests per month from your branch or office for landlord gas safety certificates.

How much does it cost?

Like all frequent flyer clubs, membership of ABC is free.

What are the benefits?

All of our customers receive a high standard of service. However, ABC members can also expect to receive priority when it comes to scheduling work and responding to emergencies.

As a thank you for your business, managers will be offered a choice of gifts during the year to distribute to staff. These gifts (based on quarterly business) may take the form of store or restaurant vouchers, etc, tailored to suit your team.